hot tips for staying cool

Take an ice pack, wrap it in a cloth napkin, place under armpits and between the knees.
Open more than one window, to produce a cross breeze.
Run cold water over your wrists and splash behind your ears.
Give yourself the chills, via scary stories, or tales of great coincidence, or tactile sensations.
Clothes? No(thes).
“They spend a lot of time indoors, and they’re not Amish or Luddites, so they have air-conditioning.”
Is it a liquid? It can be a popsicle.
Is it fudge or cream? It can be a sicle.
Spritz cold water in front of a fan.
"I'm Indian, I'm British. A billion Indians can't be wrong. They drink hot tea in hot weather."
Place front two teeth in snow cone.
Let yourself sweat--it's your body's way of saying "We got this."
Wear dark sunglasses.
Be a young woman who likes neat whiskeys.
Don't even try.
Leather jackets!
Be the Fonz.
GOTCHA! Be yourself.
Count to ten.
Make a list. Do one thing at time.
Plan in advance
Learn how to delegate.
Know when to take a break.
You're not weak for needing a Klonopin, okay? We all  care about you, Mary Pat.
Just fucking chill, okay?
Tighten and release your muscles. Breathe deeply from your abdomen. Imagine the tension floating away.
Text a friend, say you need to vent for a minute.