Freelance from Home Awards

Choice Bed Time: 2 am.
Choice Wake-Up Time: 9 am.
Choice First Thing Done: A pee, followed by a splash of cold water to the face, followed by a walk to the living room in order to look out the front window.
Choice Second Thing Done: Coffee make, followed by filling a large glass with water, followed by setting both down in the living room.
Choice Coffee Mug: The white one, or the big brown one if the white is unavailable.
Choice Breakfast: No such thing, tied with a crumpet at 11:30, or a gigantic lunch around 1.
Choice Seating Position: Right side of the couch.
Choice Source of Noise so as to Provide a Sense of Company: Daytime talk shows.
Choice Female Talk Show Host: Wendy Williams, "The Wendy Williams Show."
Choice Wendy Williams's Topic: Cameron Diaz, re: her inability to catch or keep a good man.
Choice Male Talk Show Host: Clinton Kelly, "The Chew."
Choice Midday Errand: Walgreen's.
Choice Walgreen's Daytime Employee: No winner.
Choice Enter and Exit Apartment Situation: Roommate's InStyle and my paycheck in the mailbox, upstairs neighbor's cat nowhere to be seen.
Choice Short Form Online Reading Distraction: Vulture's television recaps.
Choice Long Form Online Reading Distraction: True tales of false imprisonment.
Choice Hate-Follow Blog: Cupcakes and Cashmere.
Choice Love-Follow Blog: Wit + Delight.
Choice Ellen Degeneres: Ellen Degeneres.