Some Thoughts on Clear Care's Newly Redesigned Lens Solution Bottle

            I rarely used the white screw-on caps the bottles used to come with, a bad habit which might've made me more vulnerable to developing a stye. The new red flip-caps make closing the bottle much easier, and hopefully lessen the chance of my developing some sort of nasty and embarrassing eye infection caused by dust buildup on the nozzle. I'm confident that I'll adjust to the flip-cap easily; years of using things like shampoo and sunblock and certain condiments have prepared me to do so. Also, red is a great color!
            The bottle seems to be smaller, though my guess upon inspection (sadly, I recycled my used one before I could perform a comparison) is that it contains the same amount of solution but has grown outwards, not upwards. I like these new dimensions, as the taller old bottle took up valuable space in my overnight bag, room that I'd prefer to reserve for extra socks and underpants and a hairbrush. The new bottle seems like it could cram more easily into small spaces, and for that I'm grateful. I'm also attracted to the bottle's new shape as it somewhat mimics my own, which is short and--I hate to be so crass--vaguely robust.
           Again, I've no bottle for comparison, but the warnings surrounding product misuse appear to be larger--brighter, if possible--with a pleasing sans serif font. The directions for correct usage are typed in white against a red background that is wrapped around the top of the bottle, which is an aesthetic that--god willing!--will be successful in putting consumers on alert. (And on alert they should be: I briefly was friends with a girl who squirted the solution directly into her eye, and she subsequently suffered daily ocular migraines. My older sister once also experienced a bit of stinging and redness when she failed to follow proper lens storage protocol, and listening to loved ones discuss their pain can be, you'd imagine, as agonizing as the physical sensations they might be experiencing. I'm sure that, had the instructions been more obvious on the old bottle--and, by my own admission, had I been a more informative solution-lender--my sister could've avoided any discomfort.)