The Best of 2013

Best Album: Neko Case, "The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You"
Best Movie: Stories We Tell
Best TV Show: Trophy Wife
Best Book: Literally none.
Best Book Not Written in 2013 but that I Read in 2013: Heartburn.
Best Canoe Ride: With my boyfriend, on the river Charles.
Best Discovery: Sneakers! So comfortable. Who knew? I fear the worst.
Best Way to Alienate Family: Talk about your period at Thanksgiving dinner.
Best Headline: "I Tried to Show that a Woman Could Do This...and Failed."
Best Ikea Experience: Getting food poisoning, suddenly, in the Marketplace.
Best Way to Not Sleep: Think about mice, all the time, constantly, no matter what. Do not get distracted.
Best Time I Thought Kristen Stewart Was Filming a Movie Outside my Parents' House: Yesterday.
Best Result of my Trip to Miami to Visit my Sister: I got drafted into the Miami Heat! See below. photo cred: danny g.